Største dating side Ærø

The countryside is for the most part gently undulating, and there is a several-kilometre-long stretch of 33-metre-high cliffs at Voderup Klint on the west coast.

største dating side Ærø

There are three small towns on the island: the largest is Marstal with a population of 2,266. Fourteen villages and a number of farms complete the island's pattern of settlement.It enjoys a higher number of sunshine hours than the average for the rest of Denmark, and the year-round temperature is also a few degrees above the national average. gratis kontakte Kiel At Olde Mølle, at one of Ærø's highest points and near the centre of the island, the sculptor Erik Brandt has created a "peace bench", conceived with the intention of providing people with an opportunity to survey the island and its surrounding sea, whilst pondering on the theme of world peace.As of January 2013, the solar plant covers an area of 33,300 m2 as a result of an extension under the Sunstore 4 project.Ærø's three district heating systems of solar collectors have won international acclaim.

Største dating side Ærø

) is one of the Danish Baltic Sea islands, and part of the Southern Denmark Region.The name comes from the Danish words ær (maple) and ø (island).During this period — from the 14th century to the year 1864 – Ærø was united and separated, alternately, into a number of enclaves.Ærø was outside the tariff wall of the Kingdom, leading to flourishing smuggling which was a way of living for many of Ærø's inhabitants.In recent history, the preservation of the area's local heritage has been paramount among residents.

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