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Von daher drfte er heute ungefhr 70 Jahre alt sein, schtzt Robert Reiter.Fhrt er heute durch Stottoff und an dem Kriegerdenkmal vorbei, denke er oft an seine schne Lehrzeit in der Grtnerei Vater zurck – und freut sich, dass die Eiche so gut gewachsen ist.From the late Middle Ages Lübben was a main town of the margraviate Lower Lusatia.The Sorbian village Luckau was founded in place of an old Slavic hill fort under a protection of the margravial castle in 1250.

Singles luckau

In the meantime they had been under the Saxon ruling, like the whole Lower Lusatia, until the came back to Brandenburg-Prussia in 1815.The incipient industrialization in the second half of the 19th century brought little development incentives for the towns of the today’s district.The later economic development in the north of the district was closely linked with Berlin.Due to its favourable for the development of economy and commerce geographical location Luckau was developed into a town and received its town charter in 1297.From 1492 Luckau was the capital of the margraviate Lower Lusatia.

Singles luckau

In 1920 in Königs Wusterhausen the German Reichspost erected the first German broadcasting station.Along the S-bahn track towards Berlin the communities of Eichwalde, Schulzendorf, Zeuthen, Wildau and Königs Wusterhausen emerged as almost cohesive urban areas.Till 1897 the premises of the Schwartzkopff locomotive factory, which today are listed for preservation, were created in Wildau. Niederlehme and Zernsdorf emerged as suppliers of building materials, especially for Berlin. Singles luckau-34Singles luckau-5Singles luckau-40 In connection with the underground storage system Mittenwalde became the location for plant and pipeline construction.Robert Reiter jedoch hat diese Eiche whrend seiner Lehrzeit 19 bei der Grtnerei Vater selbst gepflanzt, wie er der RUNDSCHAU schreibt.

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Der Baum sei damals hchstens 1,20 Meter gro und etwa fnf Jahre alt gewesen.The district Dahme-Spreewald is largely characterized by three types of landscape: • Dahme-Seengebiet (belonging to the eastern Brandenburg Heide- und Seengebiet ) • Spreewald and • Niederer Fläming.The surface area of the district belongs to the young moraine area and is divided by a great variety of shapes and glacial series.In 1150 Lübben was mentioned for the first time as "Urbs Lubin" (Burg Lubin).After the foundation of the town in 1200 the place between the two arms of Spree and under a protection of the said castle emerged very quickly as a commercial centre.

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