Single plattform Magdeburg

As part of the 1930s plans to build a North-South-S-Bahn link between the Northern and Southern sections of the Ring, the then Kolonnenstraße called station should be converted to an interchange station of the Ringbahn and Wannseebahn trains, with the old Ringbahn-only platform becoming the interchange platform between the northbound trains of both the Ringbahn and the Wannseebahn, complemented by a new platform for southbound trains of both lines.

single plattform Magdeburg

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Single plattform Magdeburg

This called for a station with two platforms, the Wannseebahn tracks being served by the inner edges of the two platforms, and the Lichtenrade and Lichterfelde tracks using the outer edges.A competition of architects was called, and in July the design of the Berlin-based architectural office Medenbach was selected.This plan did not come to fruition before two years later the fall of the Berlin wall changed the whole situation.The Lichtenrade and Lichterfelde lines were revitalized in their original places.The bridge is named after Resistance fighter Julius Leber.

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