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The wall was protecting the inner "Kraton" or royal palace and some important places.

Today the wall can't be seen as the original appearance.

The location of the 16th-century, seven-sided ring of fortifications can still be seen as low hills in the fields and gardens surrounding the old town.

A small portion of the inner and outer wall was reconstructed in 2001.

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On 17 February 1745, the Surakarta Kingdom moved to a new opened forest named Sala Village and build their Royal Residential Palace and urban area with a 15 kilometers long of "Beteng Kraton" or Palace wall around it. The city wall that left is only about 10% from the real appearance.Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - das Land der Seen und Wälder und das Land der Erotik-Appartements.Zwar ist die Auswahl der Nachtclubs eher klein, dafür gibt es um so mehr Appartements, in denen Du die Damen Deiner Wahl in privater Atmosphäre besuchen kannst.Built in 1230 AD, they are 2.1 kilometers long and sport about 30 towers.There were six gates, but these have been demolished in the 19th century.

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Trowulan was the capital of the former Majapahit Empire.When its glory period, the capital being a first European systemized ancient city (with city canal system for transportation and also large aisle and road for major transportation)in Indonesia, because Trowulan was developed in Majapahit's glory period in 13th–15th century.Of the oldest fortifications, the old castle, including the Burbant Tower, still stands. Single haldensleben-42Single haldensleben-4Single haldensleben-7 The bendy course of some of the streets surrounding the old town are vestiges of the bastioned ramparts of the post-medieval era.Sizable portions of the medieval city wall can be found to the south and east of the old town.

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