Single community Bremerhaven

Here we research one such new market, still in Germany, the city of Bremen and in particular its harbour city of Bremerhaven – and its potential as a place to invest in the coming years.

single community Bremerhaven

The "Schnoor" called old-town area (on an island in the Weser river) is quite nice and so is the main square. I hope this doesn't come across as if I didn't enjoy Bremen, it was a part of one of my favorite trips.Bremerhaven retains its function as an important international harbour covering large area north of the city, but Bremerhaven is also a city of modern science: several scientific institutions lead by Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research are based in Bremerhaven. deutsche dating seiten Gelsenkirchen It has a fine selection of museums, galleries, family activities, events and shopping making it an increasingly attractive tourist spot at German North Sea coast.The City, History and Economy The town of Bremerhaven was founded in 1827, although there were already settlements, such as Lehe, as early as the 12th century.Bremerhaven was formerly known as one the most important harbours of emigration in Europe to the New World.

Single community Bremerhaven

Our work in Leipzig for example has resulted in the sales to around 50 investors, from small studios to large property property portfolios with all of our earlier investors in the market [say around 2007-08] now sitting on gains of around 20-40%.A very good result, compared to other developed markets in this period of general decline. To be honest there wasn't a whole lot to see, the main square with the statue of the 4 travelling musicans seems to be the biggest attraction. single community Bremerhaven-89single community Bremerhaven-37 We lived in Bremerhaven, the harbor town north of the city.Bremerhaven can easily reached by car from Bremen, via the A27 northbound, if you take exit 10 from the A27 you can follow the road directly to the Fishdock (Fischereihafen). Additionally, in summer season, numerous cruise ships dock...their passengers taking local tours of the city, or Bremen or Hamburg. There are two special parking areas for mobile homes in the town, both are very good, one at the Fischkai (fish wharf) and the other at the Doppelschleuse (double ship lock) a 10-min walk from the town centre. This city travel guide to Bremerhaven is a usable article.

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