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They get pissed up, they shout and sing a lot and they fight a bit at times.That's the primary difference between Germany and England.That's why it gets called the Fussball Mafia – because they seem to see the Bundesliga as a beautiful little cash cow. In England they learned through the hard times how to police football fans.

Die Kunst an den Wänden und der passende Groove aus den Boxen runden eine gelungene Atmosphäre ab.That's intimidating, and it winds people up and it doesn't help!If you treat people like animals they're going to behave like animals.Football violence is increasing in Germany, with reports of trouble at games now almost every week. The Local asked Jacob Sweetman of No Dice magazine to square the circle.Even as international football connoisseurs begin to pay increasing attention to German football and Bundesliga matches are televised all over the world – the recent battle royale between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund was reportedly aired in over 200 countries – the German Football Association (DFB) is struggling to hold back a new tide of football hooliganism.

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Several cars and vans reportedly forced the bus into a service station, where around 40 men smashed its windows with baseball bats and iron bars.Luckily no-one was hurt inside the bus, which contained several children.That's not to say football hooliganism has stopped in England, or that German violence is as bad as it was in the old days in England.I go to about three matches in Berlin every week, and I've never seen any serious trouble.Montgomery, a teetotaller, sits outside taking notes on March 6, 1945.

Göbbels refers to this visit in his diary entry the next day: For the first time Churchill has actually seen the results of his air war.An Wochenenden und meist auch Mittwoch abends wird so ein bunt gemischtes Partypublikum angezogen und feiert den Beginn der Nacht.Aber auch Menschen jenseits der 20 finden ihren Platz an der Theke oder an den gemütlichen Tischen.Obviously there's a lot of hostility towards the DFB, but what should it do about violence? They can either penalize the clubs with cash fines, but a lot of the time that is undermined by hardcore fans, ultras, who go round the stadium collecting money to pay them.The DFB needs to come up with a creative solution, because at the moment they're succeeding only in uniting the fans against them. The fans don't believe the DFB has their interests at heart at all.

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