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Memory’, will look at the Thirty Years’ War as the stage on which Albrecht von Wallenstein appeared: the day to day of war, the strategies of the armed forces, the financing and equipping of troops.To mark the end of the convention on 9 April, Prof. Josef Matzerath (Saxon Regional History, TU Dresden) will serve culinary delights from the Thirty Years’ War.

seriöse dating portale Nürnberg

The main sponsor of the event is Nuremberg insurance group NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe; it is further supported by festival organiser Wallenstein Festspielverein Altdorf e.V., the city of Altdorf, the German Research Foundation, the Institute of History/Czech Academy of Science, the department of Arts and Culture of the City of Nuremberg, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, the Deutsch-Tschechischen Zukunftsfonds, the Kost-Pocher Foundation, Müller Media, Cine Città Nürnberg, Merz Premium Reisen Gnadenberg and the Inter City Hotel Nuremberg. Go see Ballet X Winter Series – it will renew your spirit! Ballet X is thrilled to premiere a new work by former company dancer R.The aim is to give insights on policy transfer methods by looking at transmission techniques used for the Nuremberg-Trials-Film-project.For the future the results of this project should make it possible to examine further cases of scientific research in a similar way.

Seriöse dating portale Nürnberg

The support programme is as varied as the convention itself: In her lecture titled “Wallenstein in Film. Wallenstein Festspielverein Altdorf will then perform the Capuchin Act from Schiller’s play ‘Wallenstein’s Lager’.Until today the Nuremberg principles from that time influence the political culture in Germany. seriöse dating portale Nürnberg-41 The analysis in this project connects media-historical perspectives with epistemological interests of political cultural research.Yet, the order of the sequences is rather arbitrary and therefore difficult to allocate in terms of content. This involved the isolation of smallest correlated sequences as well as the determination of the dating.

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