Senior dk Tønder

During World War I, a Zeppelin base was operated in Tønder by the Imperial German Navy.

The base was attacked by the British on 19 July 1918, in what is known as the Tondern raid.

senior dk Tønder

In 1532 it was hit by severe floods, with water levels reaching 1.8 m in St Laurent's church, 5.3 m above sea level.The Scouts of Tønder are twinned with Hemyock, in Devon, England, and make exchange trips between the countries every few years. Flirten flüchtlinge In the last few years, Tønder has been growing into a notable wedding town akin to Gretna Green in Scotland, with as many as over 2000 marriages per year.In the years that followed, German political parties enjoyed a majority in the city council, and until 1945, the city was officially bilingual.After the end of the German occupation of Denmark, the political influence of the German population dwindled considerably.

Senior dk Tønder

Hvis du klikker på et link på accepterer du samtidig vores cookiepolitik.The first mention of Tønder might have been in the mid-12th century, when the Arab geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi mentioned the landmark Tu(r)ndira, which might have been a reference to either Tønder, or the nearby town of Møgeltønder.Prior to 1864, Tønder was situated in the Duchy of Schleswig, so its history is intertwined with the contentious history of Schleswig-Holstein. senior dk Tønder-77 In the 1920s, when the Schleswig Plebiscite incorporated Northern Schleswig into Denmark, 76.5% of Tønder's inhabitants voted to remain part of Germany and 23.5% voted to join Denmark.Hvis du klikker på et link på dk, accepterer du samtidig vores cookiepolitik.

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