Plastic single hamburger press

Налепить котлет может каждый, кто хоть раз в детстве играл в снежки, но сделать красивую и ровную котлету для бургера или гриля гораздо сложнее.

В сегодняшнем обзоре речь пойдёт о достаточно известном приспособлении для изготовления котлет как с начинкой, так и без нее. Конструкция полностью разборная, благодаря этому её очень легко мыть. В этот раз я решил приготовить котлеты из обычного говяжьего фарша, но подозреваю, что с таким же успехом можно делать котлеты из рыбы.

1-4 is a hamburger press of single piece construction, being molded of polypropylene or other suitable plastic material.In a mold for forming a comestible and having a substantially planar top wall and side walls projecting from said top wall and, together therewith, defining a mold cavity of the shape to which the comestible is to be formed, the improvement wherein said top and side walls are formed integrally of a plastic material, said side walls being notched at two points on opposite sides of the mold, said top wall having a substantially U-shaped slot therein the ends of which lie on a line extending between said two points, the portions of said top wall between the ends of said slot and the adjacent side wall notches being of reduced thickness whereby said portions function as hinges.6. Thus, while applying finger pressure to the semicircular top section 30 and the tab section 32 to hold the mold against the countertop, the user engages the lifting tab 36 and lifts the edge of the notched top section 34 so that this section swings upwardly, hinging along the line of the grooves 26 and 28 to the open position shown in phantom outline in FIG. As the section 34 is moved the tab section 32 serves to hold the patty so that it is not pulled up with the section 34.A hamburger patty press comprising a circular top wall and an annular side wall extending from the circumference of said top wall, said side wall being notched at two diametrically opposed points, said top wall having a substantially U-shaped slot the ends of which lie on the diameter joining said notches and are equally spaced from the midpoint thereof, said slot extending nearly to the periphery of said top wall, said top wall also having, on the lower face thereof, a pair of grooves, said grooves connecting said side wall notches with the adjacent ends of said slot. The fingers are now removed from the sections 30 and 32 and the mold lifted from the formed patty.Одной котлеты с гарниром или бургера мне вполне достаточно на обед или ужин.Самое главное преимущество пресса в том, что можно сделать любое количество одинаковых по размеру котлет.

Plastic single hamburger press

2 is a bottom plan view of the hamburger press; FIGS. For a more complete understanding of the invention and the objects and advantages thereof, reference should be had to the following detailed description and the accompanying drawings wherein preferred embodiments of the invention are described and shown. 1 is a top plan view of the hamburger press of the present invention; FIG. The grooves and slots divide the top wall 10 into three sections; a solid semicircular section 30, a tab section 32, and a semicircular section 34 having a cut out portion of complementary configuration to the tab section 32. The lower face of the top wall 10 is provided with grooves 26 and 28 extending between the notch 16 and the inner end of the slot 20 and between the notch 18 and the inner end of the slot 22, respectively.Зарегистрируйтесь на сайте bz и получите кэшбэк (cashback, возврат стоимости покупки) в размере 8%-18% стоимости любых товаров Aliexpress.

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