Latin dating Vejen

Monday: - and - Tuesday: - Wednesday: - Thursday: - and Danish education 1 Danish education 2 Module 3-6: Once a week at 4.30pm-6.25pm Read more about our offers for companies At Lærdansk Aarhus we prepare and tailor courses specific to your employees' needs.

There are three Danish courses, each of which is sub-divided into modules.If you want to registrer as self-paying, contact Maria Tornslev at: [email protected] notice (Danish for the Labor Market students only) If you stop Danish lessons before you have completed the five courses, you should be aware that it affects your potential for future participation in free Danish classes.You have the right to continue with Danish lessons for up to 3 years if you complete the 5 courses within 1.5 years (and take a placement test).After each module, you must pass a test to advance to the next module.Danish 3 (Danskuddannelse 3) is for students with more than 10-12 years of school and a solid knowledge of foreign languages. Danish 2 (Danskuddannelse 2) is for students with 8 to 10 years of school. Danish 1 (Danskuddannelse 1) is for students with no school background or knowledge of the Latin alphabet. Registration for academics If you are an employee at the University of Aarhus or if you are a student and living in Aarhus, you can be registered online. General Registration: In order to register for the Danish courses you need: When we receive the referral from the Jobcenter you will be contated by us. If you are not resided in Aarhus municipality, you have to contact a caseworker in the municipality where you pay your taxes, in order to get a referral to Lærdansk Aarhus. If you are not permanently resided in Denmark, but you are able to document the fact that you are employed or are self- employed, the municipality where you work is obliged to pay for your Danish education.

Latin dating Vejen

Lærdansk offers special courses for students and employees at universities and other places of education.Learn more For beginners Are you here to work or study?Learn more Youth Project - "På Sporet" "På Sporet" is a youth project, which is a collaboration between Aarhus Municipality and VUC Aarhus.The overall objective of the project is to prepare young students to the Danish education system - and give them the best chance to succeed in Danish society. We are Denmark's largest language center with approx.

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4000 course participants from more than 100 countries.

For speakers of Scandinavian languages Do you already speak Norwegian or Swedish? Would you like to get better at understanding and speaking Danish?

Lærdansk has courses that are customized to speakers of Scandinavian languages.

Learn more For dyslexics At Lærdansk Aarhus we are able to expose dyslexia in collaboration with AOF Ordskolen.

We offer two options for diagnosed dyslexia: You will follow the usual curriculum for Danish courses and also have the opportunity to apply for exemption at module tests and Danish Tests.

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