Gocha dating lala cousin

When she circles back to check on the ideas for the Santiago pitch Kim’s unhappy with the product.

That doesn’t bode well for anyone and particularly Dontay. Yes, it all starts off with a bang, because no one said that Kim Kimble suffers fools gladly.

He and Gocha had words last season in Atlanta, Kim is opening a hair salon in the dirty south and Gocha is supposed to be the number one hair stylist in Atlanta.

She has been linked with Dice, Lala’s female cousin, she has also been linked with Roger Bob who happened to be dating Demetria Mc Kinney from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and now we see her as a stylist on LA Hair. Lisa meets Angela for dinner, Angela claims she has been calling and texting her but she hasn’t responded.

It didn't work the first time she appeared on RHOA and she is trying to make it happen on LA Hair on the WE Network.She needs ideas for what they’ll present and Terry is appointed to lead the effort. Blige and begins the search for the missing Dontay whose whereabouts are unknown. Single völkermarkt He’s thrilled, but check out the looks on the faces of the others. I guess since Angela is gone, Lisa is gone and now Dontay is gone.There are couches and fancy cards with the questions on them and professional lighting. Todd and Kandi have a bit of back and forth before the show starts. Claudia comes out and Kandi asks Claudia if she gave Jamie Foxx head. One of the ladies with blue hair points out to Demetria that she dated Roger Bobb a couple of years ago. He lied to her and said that he told her that they were just business associates. LA Hair Premieres………………………………………………LA HAIR is back for season four tonight on WE tv and Kim Kimble has two opportunities presented to her, one of which could change her business for the foreseeable future.

Gocha dating lala cousin

As soon as Lisa sits down, Angela is met with animosity from Lisa and she has no idea where this is coming from.Lisa must have watched the season because she was upset that Angela agreed with Naja when she stated Lisa looked like a man.During the season premiere episode, “I’m The Boss, Hunty”, Jonathan Antin walks into the shop twice in one day. Gocha dating lala cousin-46 As receptionist Dia noted, something huge is about to happen.Yep, it’s a new season and while there will be some changes, the attitude remains the same.

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