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When Duke Christian died, Ærø was distributed among four of his brothers, and this offers one explanation of why two towns developed in the island, Ærøskøbing and later on Marstal, and why each came to be in their own "country".Gråsten Manor House was abolished in 1766 and the buildings were demolished. This is marked by the memorial stone at Olde Mølle (English = Ancient mill).When the Duke died, a banner was found at Gråsten composed of nine pieces of cloth and in three colours – body colour, sea green, and golden yellow.This banner has provided the inspiration for the flag of Ærø which is seen today all over the island.

During this period — from the 14th century to the year 1864 – Ærø was united and separated, alternately, into a number of enclaves.At the union, the old Code of Jutland from 1241 was applied and even today some of those rules are still valid. gute dating seiten Heidelberg In recent history, the preservation of the area's local heritage has been paramount among residents.Marstal, also known as the "skipper village", from its being the home of so many sailors and captains, is the island's largest town today and is its principal commercial and shopping centre.The countryside is for the most part gently undulating, and there is a several-kilometre-long stretch of 33-metre-high cliffs at Voderup Klint on the west coast.

Fitness dating Ærø

Until 1864, Ærø was part of the Danish Duchy of Schleswig – the area of Schleswig/Southern Jutland is now divided between Denmark (Northern Schleswig) and Germany (Southern Schleswig).King Christian IV's cousin, also named Christian, was the Duke of Ærø from 1622 to 1633, and lived with his concubine Cathrine Griebels at Gråsten Manor House.There are three small towns on the island: the largest is Marstal with a population of 2,266. Fourteen villages and a number of farms complete the island's pattern of settlement.Ærøskøbing, with its narrow lanes and picturesque 18th-century houses was historically Ærø's chief town, and remains the primary port for ferry connections.LDL kolesterol kaldes det ”dårlige” kolesterol, eller uhensigtsmæssige da fremmer åreforkalkning i blodårerne, med risiko for hjerte da vi alle forskellige, oplever nogle en lille påvirkning, stor slet ingen.

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Greens Blue Flame supplies propane tank installation services and delivery in the Houston, TX area deliver fresh flowers, green blooming plants siemens rail automation purchases additional kinesix software their work train control management majorgolflesson.The name comes from the Danish words ær (maple) and ø (island).Since 1 January 2006 the whole of Ærø has constituted a single municipality, known as Ærø Kommune. Join for Free The purpose of the Friend Finder is to make it as easy as possible for you to meet people. Browse photo profiles of local singles who enjoy sports and fitness at Connect with single girls and guys in the single chat rooms. Become a part of a free online dating service with millions of personals interested in meeting new friends, romantic relationships and life partners.

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