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It was packed to the rafters Christmas Eve with shiny children and their .

We sang the old Danish carols and heard a sermon about our obligations to the Third World and hiked home to our pork roast and caramelized potatoes, and the oldest boy lit the candles on the tree in the dining room and threw the doors open, and we looked at it and gasped—every year the same gasp—and ran hand in hand through the dark rooms singing, “,” and opened our gifts.

Denmark is a little land of five and a quarter million souls, most of them Andersens, Hansens, Jensens, or Petersens, with a few Madsens Jacobsens, and Mortensens and Rasmussens thrown in for variety, who live on a pleasant green peninsula and two large islands and many tiny ones north of Germany, between the North Sea and the Baltic, a major supplier of ham and cheese and ceramics, a nation of irreligious Lutherans, a democratic society prickly to wealth and privilege and the home of a royal line that goes back to A. A handsome and civilized country, its only wilderness the sea.

dating sider for gifte Langeland

And on Nytarsaften, the 31st, you sit down at 6 p.m., along with everyone else in Denmark, and watch Queen Margrethe deliver her annual homily to the people.(The man who waves you in may be the last uniform you’ll see for a while, Danes being a self-policing people who prefer that authority be inconspicuous.) You collect your bags, and off to the cabstand, the air gray, drizzly, with a tang of salt and smoke. dating portal Trier The cab races off through Amager, past the soccer fields and into the streets of the city, the identical brown-brick apartment buildings, the mustard stucco houses, passing a stream of bicyclists pedaling solemnly to work in their bright red or yellow slickers.It lasts about 12 minutes and ends with her greetings to the people of Greenland and the Faroe Islands and to the people who work on the sea.“Heartfelt greetings from the prince and me,” she says, beaming.

Dating sider for gifte Langeland

Life in Denmark is divided into two parts, the Golden Summer and the Great Murk, which extends from late fall to mid-spring.The months of youth and beauty, when the sky is light until almost 11 p.m.They would make fun of everything American and lambaste our foreign policy. dating sider for gifte Langeland-65dating sider for gifte Langeland-7 They would see themselves, in every way, as the beautiful swan trapped in the realm of ducks.The entire country is a little smaller than Lake Michigan, and if it were slipped in there, between Wisconsin and Michigan, it would not be such a bad fit culturally.

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The same dark humor prevails as in the Midwest, the same stoicism and gentility.

I had seen enough Danish Decembers to hold me for a while, so I flew over last year in June for a week of summer.

I looked around Århus, the handsome harbor city with a forest next to its downtown, and had dinner with Brian, a poet friend and iconoclast who loves to drink whiskey and disparage the monarchy and the church.

Danish jumps out at you from signs, lots of cognates here: A drugstore is an is a restaurant, and you realize that you won’t starve here or get lost.

Sober-faced Danes queue at the bus stop in the rain, which they do not flinch at, and it dawns on you that a daylong rain is not unusual, this is a North Atlantic winter.

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