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The memorial service for the victims was held on Saturday, marked by a moving speech by North Rhine-Westphalia Governor Hannelore Kraft.

Möchtest du auch Teil der Erfolgsgeschichte mindsquare werden? Was wird Dir geboten: Damit Du dir ein genaueres Bild der angesprochenen Position machen kannst, findest Du hier den Link zu unseren aktuellen Stellenausschreibungen: Da Vorstellungsgespräche in der Regel in der Landessprache geführt werden, ist auch diese Veranstaltung ausschließlich in deutscher Sprache. Mai 2017, – Uhr Ort: Campus Duisburg, SG 084 Individuelle Terminvereinbarung: Damit Ihre Wartezeiten nicht ausufern, haben wir uns für eine elektronische Anmeldung entschieden.In 2007, the Love Parade took place in Essen; and in 2008, Dortmund staged the out-sized party. 'Under No Circumstances' Which unwittingly served to increase the pressure on Duisburg to hold the event. Single männer in bremen Just weeks after Bochum cancelled that year's event, Duisburg Mayor Adolf Sauerland said "we want the Love Parade and will do everything in our power to host it." He added: "The party will not be cancelled by us." Sauerland wasn't the only one.Hans-Heinrich Grosse-Brockhoff, state secretary for culture in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said "I certainly hope that the 2010 Love Parade isn't cancelled as well.It simply has to take place." Even Hannelore Kraft, the current governor, played a role in upping the ante.

Dating service Duisburg

It was the result of a series of failures made by the city, the police and the event organizers. had heard about the disaster that had befallen the Love Parade in Duisburg. And it has become increasingly clear that the Duisburg catastrophe could easily have been avoided.Particularly damning, at the height of the crush, there was no way out. She and her husband Klaus-Peter knew there had been deaths, they knew that hundreds had been injured. Bad planning, inadequate communication, a disregard for the fundamentals of crowd control and an overwhelming desire for a successful party all played a role.At the Duisburg site, however, the escape routes were a mere 155 meters wide -- enough, argued Lopavent, given past experience, which has shown that only a third of visitors ever have to "flee." Some city officials were disturbed by Lopavent's calculation.Others, including security official Rabe, were not.The original founder of the techno party, a DJ known as Dr.

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Motte, had likewise turned his back on the event, with Rainer Schaller, the head of the Mc Fit chain of fitness studios, stepping into the void. That January, Thomas Wenner, then chief of police in Bochum, wrote an open letter in which he warned against what might happen should "panic break out among so many people." The last sentence in the letter read: "Survival is more important than fun." Bochum declined to authorize the Love Parade.Hierzu treten Sie bitte unter [email protected] uns in Verbindung. Need to make an international phone call and not sure which dialing code to use? At just after one in the morning, the doorbell rang. Eike M., 21 years old and just beginning his university degree in political science and history on his path toward a career in journalism, was dead. Still, I beseech you to open your heart to all those who would comfort you. You are not alone." The Early Groundwork for Disaster It was a powerful speech. Why were over 500 partygoers injured at an event that was intended to be a mass celebration of youth and joy? She too had been consumed by worry on the evening of the Love Parade disaster as she waited hours to hear from her 17-year-old son, who was at the event. But on Saturday, as she was speaking to the families of the victims, Kraft's voice wavered as she said "we cannot know the depth of your pain nor can we alleviate it. and 20 others lose their lives at a mass event for which there are thousands of safety criteria that must be adhered to?

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