Dating seite bremen

Notable among its exhibits is a Bremen "kogge", an old Hanseatic merchant ship; a Mark XXI submarine from WWII; the four-masted tall ship, the.

Also of interest is a 112-meter-tall radar tower with a viewing platform, as well as exhibits relating to European shipping from prehistoric to modern times.

The building itself is listed, and highlights of the museum within include exhibitions related to Bremen's import and export trade.

English language brochures, educational materials, and audio guides are available when purchasing tickets, and guided tours in English are also available.

Dating seite bremen

Other highlights include its collection of French and Dutch paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries, works by painters from the famous Worpswede artists' colony, and more than 200,000 drawings and prints.Recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the building boasts one of the most elegant banqueting and reception halls in Germany: an impressive 40-meters-long, 13-meters-wide, and eight-meters-high, its most notable feature is a large painting of the dating from 1537.Regular free concerts are held every Thursday evening, including vocal soloists and organ recitals.Although only 100 meters long, its many examples of unusual expressionist architecture make it tremendous fun to explore (you can't miss the entrance - look for the Lichtbringer, an impressive gold sculpture above the "secret" archway).A must-see here is the wonderful Paula Becker-Modersohn Museum, the world's first gallery dedicated to the art of a single woman and housed in a specially designed expressionist brick building.

Dating seite bremen

Guided and audio tours are available in English, and a first-class restaurant with a terrace is located on site.In Bremerhaven's Old Harbor - a little more than 60 kilometers north of Bremen - is the German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum), a superb museum dedicated to the country's rich seafaring history.In addition to its huge collection of rhododendrons and azaleas, it boasts an eight-acre botanical garden created in 1905 with plant species from alpine regions, as well as Asia, Australia, and the Americas, and more than 1,000 native species, some of them endangered. Dating seite bremen-39Dating seite bremen-81 Afterwards, be sure to visit Bremen's Old Town Walls, which take in the town's moat and a lovely old windmill, the Mühle am Wall, built in in 1888 and now a heritage building and restaurant.A recent addition to the attraction is Entdecker Park, which includes the Turm der Lüfte, a 27-meter-tall tower with superb views of the area.

The Übersee-Museum Bremen - or Overseas Museum - has many excellent collections related to natural history, trade, and ethnography, including displays focusing on the South Seas, Australia, and Asia.

Also of note is a richly-carved spiral staircase, while under its northwest tower is a bronze group of the The Cathedral of St. Petri Dom - dates from the 11th-century, with additions being made in the 13th and 16th centuries.

The exterior, with its twin 98-meter tall towers, was restored in 1898, while its richly-decorated Baroque pulpit was a gift from Queen Christina of Sweden in the 17th century.

Afterwards, be sure to visit the street's many unique shops and galleries, as well as the famous Glockenspiel House with its thrice-a-day chime.

The charming medieval district of Schnoor is the oldest part of Bremen.

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