Dating Gribskov

The forest is home to the largest populations of common goldeneye, green sandpiper and red-backed shrike in Denmark and near Nødebo at Lake Esrum, a noisy colony of great cormorants has found a home.Cormorants can be a problematic bird to administer locally, but is protected in Denmark and is on list III in the Berne convention.The fallow deer population in Gribskov is the largest free roaming fallow deer population in Denmark, at 600-800 animals.

dating Gribskov

Overnight stay at Maarumlund, a fully renovated old forester’s farm situated in the heart of Gribskov.The forest of Gribskov offers a rare opportunity to observe free roaming deer of all the four species living in Denmark; namely the roe deer, sika deer, red deer and fallow deer, with roe and fallow deer being most common in Gribskov.Roe deer have lived here for as long as the forest itself, while fallow deer were introduced at some point during the middle ages.but the actual meaning and etymology of the word go a bit deeper.'Grib' refers to the Old Danish word for something 'without any specific owner', so 'Gribskov' actually means a woodland of common ownership.

Dating Gribskov

There are also numerous small ponds, bogs, swamps and springs, some enshrouded by myths, superstition or old folk tales.but the forest bears the marks of an intensive plantation industry that accelerated from the late 1700s and peaked in the 1800s.Why travel all the way to the popular Camino De Santiago in Spain when North Sealand’s unique natural and cultural landscape can offer the authentic Nordic counterpart?The history is not just stories, it is also experiences based on the thoughts about pilgrimages back then, brought right up to date.In the heart of the beautiful landscape is one of our true gems, Esrum Abbey, which was founded in 1151. Enjoy a meal in the bright, cozy café at Møllegården or in Brother Rus’ vaulted abbey cellar.

On the fourth day, the modern North Sealand pilgrimage heads out west to the Æbelholt Abbey Ruin and then northwards along Arresø lake, past the idyllic Tibirke church and on to Tisvildeleje.

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5,600 ha of woodland situated in northern Zealand, west and south of Lake Esrum.

The forest grows in a hilly terrain (by Danish standards), with lower lying areas in the east and west.

The low-lying areas are dominated by beech and oak, but with several forest types mixed in, such as wood pastures or old coppice woodland with alder and ash.

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