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Anderson, Nye og udvalgte sange (Minneapolis, 1912); 250 udvalgte norske og en gelske sange, published simultaneously in English under the title Selected Songs, edited by 0. Similarities in background and education are worth observing. Hoyme emigrated to the United States when very young and received his total education on the frontier. It might be well to discuss the editors of this volume and of some of the others.From 1878 until 1914 a proliferation of books appeared containing songs designed to express Christian beliefs and aspirations in a less formal way than did the congregational hymnal. Most of the older Lutheran hymns dealt with doctrines fundamental to the faith. Volume 2 was included in the second of these printings, and contained two standard chorale tunes: "Kirken den er et gammelt hus" (Built on the Rock the Church Doth Stand), with a new text, and "O tænk naar engang samles skal" (O Happy Day When We Shall Stand, or Lobt Gott ihr Christen).

Haagensen, Melodier til pilegrims sangeren (Chicago, 1881); B. Harmonies remain static, while melodies repeat rhythmic patterns.With the revivals came songs that were more superficial and emotional than the traditional church hymn. Lighter melodies would be called simply sange (songs). kostenlose singelbörse Leipzig These were known as aandelige sange (spiritual songs), and they presented a vivid contrast to those used in church. The American tune, "Home, Sweet home," was also used, set to a sacred Norwegian text.At that time the United Norwegian Lutheran Church in America was formed, drawing together the groups that stood between the strongly orthodox and high-church Norwegian Synod and the more evangelistic and low-church Hauges Synod. He published other music books, one a collection of religious songs arranged with guitar accompaniment. Falk Gjertsen was born in Norway and came to America when he was seventeen.In 1897 an aggressive faction split off from the United Church, forming the Lutheran Free Church, a group that shunned centralized authority, emphasizing rather the freedom of the individual congregation. He, too, attended Augustana [167] Seminary in Paxton.

Dating for unge Langeland

[165] A number of books in this category, with music, were published through 1914. Because the editors were besieged by requests to publish more songs, they issued two additional volumes that year. In answer to requests for instructional songs, the compilers included in volume 3 a great number of standard hymns, arranged for one, two, or three voices. A contrast was provided by the tune, "Long, Long Ago." Also, perhaps for the first time in America, the Norwegian Christmas song, "Jeg er saa glad hver julekveld" (I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve) appeared with the tune now commonly associated with it.A partial list would include: Lars Lund and Gjermund Hoyme, Harpen I - Harpen IV (Chicago, 187888); M. Brøhaugh, Vægterrøsten (Chicago, 1887); Carsten Woll, Kors og krone (Christiania, 1889); A. Also included was "Sicilian Mariners," set to three texts, one each for Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost.[163] Musical emphasis, consequently, was almost exclusively on hymns, and pastors deplored the quality of the singing and exhorted the people to do better. Skordalsvold and Waldemar Ager, Sangbog for afholdsforeninger (Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1901); Free Church, Ungdomskvad og barnesange (Minneapolis, 1902); M. Lund was the only seminarist from Norway the only one, with the possible exception of Brøhaugh, who might have acquired some knowledge of musical fundamentals and musicianship in the Norwegian tradition.From time to time, articles appeared in the church press on the subject of kirkesangen (singing in the church) and how it might be improved. This helps to explain the absence of a consistent standard in the books that they put out. Before that time, the editors were the captives of their sources. Oscar Anderson and Johan Hilland, Nye og udvalgte sange (Minneapolis, 1908); Ulrikka Feldtmann Bruun, Den syn gende evangelist (Chicago, 1909); L. The two men became acquainted as students at Augsburg Seminary when it was moved from Marshall, Wisconsin, to Minneapolis in 1872.

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