Dating 50 plus Kerteminde

Borrowed materials are only registered as returned, when they are recieved at one of the three Kerteminde libraries.How to request library items You can request library materials at the library counter, or on our website.If the borrowed material is damaged or lost, the library will ask for compensation.

dating 50 plus Kerteminde

The fee is based on how many days the loan period is exceeded - NOT by the date of the received notice. If you bring your own laptop, Smartphone or tablet to Munkebo Bibliotek – and access our wireless address “Hotspot-KTM” in your configurations, a browser-window will appear.Loan period for library items: The time span you can borrow books for is usually 1 month.Other library items have different loan periods: -DVD’s - 8 days.Please remember your “sundhedskort” (social security card) when you visit the library The yellow Sundhedskort is your user card when visiting the library.If you would like to be registered as a library user, please ask the library staff at the counter.

Dating 50 plus Kerteminde

e Reolen offers books and audio books from both large and small publishers, that can be read both on- and offline, directly in your internet browser, or with the apps for i Phone, i Pad and Android devices.• You can also search for and reserve materials on the site, which is the national site for all library materials in Denmark.The site can be translated to English by clicking the “English”- button in the lower right corner, and materials covering almost all languages, and ranging from different materials as books, films, ph.d.You will also receive a reminder when a library item you have requested is available to you. dating 50 plus Kerteminde-85dating 50 plus Kerteminde-90 Returning your borrowed library materials Borrowed library materials can be returned in all three libraries in Kerteminde Kommune.The compensation prices for DVD’s, CD-Rom’s and console games are high, since the libraries must also pay for a special lending license to lend out the materials. for adults If the material is still not returned 6 weeks after the return date, a bill will be issued for replacement of the borrowed material, plus a fee of 100 kr. If a bill is not paid within 30 days, the amount will be assigned for billing by Kerteminde Kommune.

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