Danske dating sider Dragør

Third-party cookies are allocated by a third party (e.g.

danske dating sider Dragør

Persistent cookies are typically stored on your hard disk.Only anonymous data about the user’s navigation on visit-dragoer.dk's sites and on partner sites (i.e. uses Remarketing with Google Analytics to advertise online.Third-parties, including Google, show our ads on sites across the Internet.These may include advertising, games, booking boxes and others.Persistent cookies, as well as session cookies, can be created from the javascript codes.

Danske dating sider Dragør

These cookies allow third-party information about certain actions, i.e. Sometimes uses pixel tracking, which is when a user’s visit to or a partner site is registered.Pixel tracking is anonymous, which means that no personal information is recorded or stored about the user.If you do not wish to use cookies from visit-dragoer.dk, you can - in most of the newer browsers - select “advanced cookie settings” under “internet options” and add to the list of websites from which you wish to block cookies. danske dating sider Dragør-60 There you can also delete individual cookies or all the cookies the browser has stored.If you set your browser to refuse cookies in general, you should be aware that there may be functions on different websites that do not work as a result of this.

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Over hver fjerde danske kærestepar finder hinanden online.In several cases, cookies may be necessary to provide a particular service.Cookies are usually deleted automatically from the browser when it is closed (so-called session cookies).Because cookies are in the possession of the user, it is always possible for the user to view, modify or delete these cookies.We hope that our users will be happy to allow the cookies we set, as they help us improve our website, provide the best services and give the user a better experience.

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