Bonneville single seat

From the process itself to new innovations like the Corbin Glovebox, you can count on highly functional and unique products that work.

Corbin products are manufactured under one or more of the following US Patents: 6,848,156 B2; 6,729,516 B2; D 489,540S; 6,655,740 B1; 6,422,648 B1; 5,544,937; 5,608,957; 4,953,911; D545,073S & 6,971,714 B1.

Bonneville single seat

Just like the OEM unit, the Corbin seat is designed as a single baseplate that the rack and cover will bolt to.Be sure to care for you leather saddle properly with a quality conditioner like our Saddle Cream. Fragen zum kennenlernen einer frau This will help the leather to remain supple and weather resistant while it matures gracefully.We always design our basepans as flat as possible so bumps or odd shapes don't telegraph through the foam to your body. This means it will support you for long days on the road.Over time, Comfort Cell will break in to provide a personalized fit to your posture and even greater comfort! A major part of the design criteria of the Corbin saddle is the Ergonomic shape.

Bonneville single seat

Our standard design includes Black natural grain leather seating, tuck & roll stitching with Asphalt vinyl contrasting sides and tail.One of the models shown above also includes a tasteful white welt to coordinate with the bike, a wide range of color options are available.This provides an added bit of luxury on those long rides.In the side panels, we use a coordinating vinyl material that will support the foam shape and keep the saddle looking sharp longer.Leather will also break in along with the foam shape to support the personalized fit.

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